Trapped in Celluloid

First shown  @ vinyl exchange October 2014 as part of Free for Arts Festival

 In this series "Trapped in Celluloid" I am playing with the idea of presenting digital images that look like 35 mm film stock ... I like the idea of mixing the two processes the use of technology i.e. Photoshop, but also using traditional collage methods ... how can you distinguish these processes ...?

The content of the work is influenced by the surrealists ideas of chance meetings ... the exquisite corpse ... random images ... Images trapped in time each one tells a story ... 21st century " mousetraps"... they can be presented in any order telling different stories ... the series is being added to continually ... there are currently over 100 ... 


Espirito Santo Loule

This is a show that celebrates " One hundred years of Collage"... in 1912 Picasso added a real object to a painting ... adding a new reality....until then reality had been  a painted illusion...painting had been a window on the world...

This exhibition brings together 4 artists that are very different ...but they all work with collage ...

the four artists are Bota Filipe.....Nuno Viegas.....Mickael Toesca and myself ...I produced a sound collage on audio tape and cd.

Stuart Chalmers has kindly let me have some of his "Sound Collages...which also form part of the show..."you can listen to some of Stuart's work here….

CECAL                  Centro de Experimentação e Criação Artística de Loulé

"Conversation...Information....Communication" ...

this exhibition/installation was a collaboration with artist Antonio Dias and Charlie Holt ... they started work on joint collages a number of  years ago, these collages were a dialogue between the two artists, which has led to this exhibition.

We communicate with words and images ....we talk to each other......we exchange the past we sent postcards to friends… we have mobile phones …skype…..twitter… collage artists that are on Facebook have also been invited to take part….going full circle from traditional cut and paste to a digital world.

 This exhibition is about communication.....which presents experimental the form of a big installation across the gallery spaces.... re presenting posters usually found in the streets ...hundreds of postcards ...a typewriter that visitors can leave messages….both artists have been communicating via e mail and text between the UK and Portugal......they talked to each other as well.. 

Random Visual Poems

This exhibition/installation brought together a number of related series of works whose starting point was the City of Salford and the Northern Quarter in Manchester … the overriding influence is the Surrealist notion of chance viz a viz “The Exquisite Corpse”

The Surrealists used automatic techniques to “Freeze” chance events sometimes using randomly cut and torn paper that bear an image, it is a means of re presenting a new reality …..Max Ernst used fragments of given or found pictures telling new stories often bizarre dreamlike juxtapositions.This show reenacts this irrational presentation of images.

The walls of the gallery were covered in huge posters some untouched, others torn ,

Collages were then hung on the walls. I played no part in this ... the gallery staff made all the decisions … it was a game of chance the umbrella and the sewing machine. The postered walls became part of the work it was impossible to separate them, images and text collided.