Mail art projects

This body of work is a result of a collaboration between two travelling artists, myself and Paul Clifford who share an empathy for surrealism and travelling. The work has been prompted by journeys made between several global locations, including Portugal, France, Germany, India, Cyprus, Spain, USA and North Yorkshire.

A series of several hundred mail art paintings have been created and posted in a reciprocal visual dialogue, that has resurrected the surrealist game of the "Exquisite Corpse" within a contemporary cultural context. The project explores and extends the potential of accidental encounters, using intervention from the world postal systems, with stamps, franking and official annotation becoming integral to the poetics of the image.


The postman project

Our house has no letterbox .....if the postman had a large letter or packet he would put them in the day the postman left a note saying " postman in greenhouse"...this was one of my series of village postmen, so then I took a photo of the postman in the greenhouse! At one time there was a special tray at the sorting office for all my mail!

Eccentric mail art
I have often tested the world postal system by sending all sorts of objects through post from pieces of wood to tin boxes....the world's postal system is remarkable meet the most friendly post office staff who like to join in the process with fragile and air mail stickers, but they are not allowed to add any comments...I thought that was a pity!