Bota Filipe of ZEFA - Centro de Arte Contemporânea in Portugal commissioned these three projects ...

First I was given a roofless room….the blank walls had questions and riddles scrawled over them. It was a mystery. An invitation to make an intervention. 

I decided to create an homage to Magritte…….open skies and a magic carpet….dreaming with open eyes.

'The unknown island' and 'The stone raft' murals are inspired by stories by Jose Saramargo. They are painted on a derelict farm building ... a cow shed.


'The stone raft' mural is continued at ZEFA 1 in Almancil Portugal.

The wall is 70 metres long, and contains references to Alice in Wonderland, Magritte's painting 'The Empire of Light' and 'Mullholland Drive' by David Hockney