My  work has its roots in pop art, surrealism and dada ...in particular the surrealist game

“ the exquisite corpse”…a game of chance ...the idea of random also involving elements of unpredictability, chance, unseen elements is central to the production and creation of the work… a collection and juxtaposition of words and images is collectively assembled ... telling new stories which are almost exclusively collage, both traditional cut and paste and digital often combining both ...raw material is culled from posters in the streets, magazines and newspapers ... the camera is in constant use...  




2014 - Salford Gallery and museum

2013 - FestivalMed Loulé 

2013 - CECAL gallery Loulé

2012 - Zem galley Sao Bras

2012 - Galeria de Arte do Espírito Santo  Loulé


Charlie Holt is an artist/print maker.

He was head of Fine Art at Liverpool Hope University

He has studios in the north west of England and southern Portugal