The Indian connection brings together 2 Indian poets Kavitha Balakrishnan and Kuzhur Wilson with myself ....the first show was in India, part of the Trikana-Matilakam-Porulukal Contemporary Art Project. Then in UK at the Shippon gallery at the Merzbarn (the last studio of Kurt Schwitters ) in  the Lake District UK where the three artists presented a collection of poetry with visual imagery and a sound collage of Wilson's spoken poems. This was followed by a project with Interactive Arts students from Manchester Metropolitan University and an exhibition at the Link  Gallery.

The Trikana festival is directed by Kavitha Balakrishnan. It takes place in a rural village in Kerala India rather than in a gallery.The works are presented in and around the village ....some in the market, others in a bungalow and in is an all inclusive event that is for the community.
The work I exhibited was based on contemporary Indian poets.